Thursday, April 07, 2016

Breaking boundaries, boundaries breaking.

The plane landed on a secured location and they both started running to the car and Ruth followed. By far the most painful scene I have witnessed in my life. I was riding in the second car, I wanted to allow them space and privacy. While in the car, I was being briefed of the incident.

-          -He was stopped at the entrance trying to take Noah to his car. One of the security guards used a Taser gun and knock him down but he harmed the boy. His 9mm blow off and hit Noah’s arm. -  Special agent Connors was sharp and to the point.

-          -What’s the status of the boy? - I asked in a low tone.

-          -Noah Carpenter, age 10. Hartford hospital, ICU unit. Blood transfusion needed due to injury. Surgery is schedule today at 4:00pm after parents’ consent.- He said.

No filter could prepare me for this.

-          -The abductor? - I was infuriated.

-         - Christopher Carpenter, Age 37. Hartford Police Department, 253 High St. Under Custody of the FBI, awaiting family member to press charges. Renbrook School already filed charges for trespassing and intent of abduction. Last charge will only be completed with Parents testimonies.

-         - I will get Edward to go to the police dept.- I cut him off

-          -Edward Woods, Age 36. Unrecognized Biological father, inadmissible at a court of law. Doesn’t qualify for that task.

-         - Agent Connors, Edith Willes is not in a calm state of mind to face the abductor.- I was talking in a very high tone.

-          -I understand sir, but if you need this bastard locked down and have your family secured. Plus, he’s all lawyer up. Someone is protecting this bastard. Calm down and lets follow protocol. - He set the record straight.

-        -  Fucking Senior!! Who are the lawyers? - I was beyond irate.

-         - The best firm in Hartford. - He said.

-          -Ms. Lawrence, get me Daniel Kennedy on the phone. Now! - I was already in my phone talking to Andrea when Connors dropped the bomb.

Our Car ride stopped at the hospital, I hurried to the car and before Edith got out I asked Edward to step back in so I can brief them.

-          -You have two situations to deal with.- I started talking. Edith expression was solid as marble, Edward was quiet.

-          -What is it? - He asked.

-          -Your son resulted injured during the incident and lost a lot of blood but is stable. You need to go in and sign consent for surgery for them to proceed. I suggest you leave Ruth with Noah and one of my security guards for us to deal with a bigger issue.

-          -What did Christopher do now? - Edith asked.

-         - You need to press charges, the school charged him on Trespassing and Intent of abduction. He’s Lawyers are trying to get him out, you need to join the school and add intent of murder. Edward can’t do anything because legally he’s not the father nor is he is recognized by the state as the biological father and…- I took a big breath.

-          -What? - Edward snapped.

-          -Senior is helping him.- I said in a very low tone.

The shock on their faces was heart breaking. His own father was helping a monster like Christopher to get away with all this.

-        -  Senior what?!- Edward’s face was full with anger

-          -Who’s the Lawyer? - Edith asked.

-          -A big firm here in Connecticut. – I responded.

-         - I’m pressing charges, get Kennedy on board. - Edith said.

-          -I already did Madam, he’ll meet us at the precinct. - I replied.

-         - I will go to be with Noah, please be safe darling.- Ruth said to Edith and hold my hand for a brief moment.

S- She went inside and signed the consent papers and as a dead robot , she walked back to the car.

-          -Jason, take us to Hartford police department.- she said.

When we arrive, Daniel Kennedy is waiting in the entrance, I sent Agent Connors to debrief him and we headed toward the front desk. A police officer receives Edith and I stayed behind to get with the lawyer and see now much damage Senior did.

-         - Daniel, How bad is it? - I went for the kill.

-          -He has a lot of influential people helping him, they want to dismiss all charges. Claiming Insanity and psychological damage due to separation. – He said.

-          -That prick, what about my son. He’s in the hospital thanks to him.- Edward was blowing off.

-          -He said that he never meant for it to happen. He’s blaming the school security guard because of the Taser. The guy is full of it.-Kenned finished.

-          -What?! Are you kidding me? And they are releasing him?-Edward couldn't keep the composure.
    -They were, we arrived just in time. Let me handle this Mr. Woods. –He seemed confident.

Mason Windstock

The Black Prince Series

Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Africa. Who would’ve thought I could be in this paradise with the love of my life?

After all we’ve been through I guess we deserve the break. Waking up next to her each day seems surreal, feeling her warmth and the softness of her breathing is soothing and it calms the demons in me. How can someone hurt her? Why the fuck I hurt her? Never again. I like that she chose this place to purge our past and make us renew again, I love that she selected this room and leave the window open so nature and the wind could wake us up to the new sunrise. I get a second chance, I get to kiss her again and embrace her. I get to watch her on her daily work, help others and I get to see the smile it brings to her face. I get to be someone else, carefree and enjoy a “normal” life. I feel complete and it scares me, life can’t be this good.

We talked to Noah this morning before he went to school, he’s excited to come join us after he will get a break from school. We schedule a local tutor to keep him on track while we’re here.

 Edith Usually last 3 months during the year in Africa, she told me that she wishes to stay longer, I’ve talk to Mason to see how we can make that happen.

-          She’s happier when she’s here, did you noticed? - I asked him, trying to recuperate our daily talks.
-          She is sir. - He short answered and continued to revise the water pump paper work.

-          Do you think is safe for her to live here? - I insisted.

-          As safe and any part of the world, nothing is certain. What are you planning? - I caught his attention, now he’s looking at me defensively like he wants to protect and unclaimed territory.

-          I want to make her happy, I won’t hurt her again. She’s happy here. - I responded.

-          The Foundation needs her to be back in the USA, she needs to make sure her work continues otherwise she can’t be here and help the locals and that’s what she loves. Come in bearing gifts and bringing them hope. In the end she know she has to go back and get the resources. - He knew everything.

-          She has me now, we can find the resources globally and not limit ourselves in one place. We can have points of contact around the world and host the Galas and get the money, that not a problem, I want to know if establishing here is safe for us and Noah.-I was clear.

-          No, it’s not. Here not everyone wants us here. I thinks she risks too much by expending 3 months here. One month is more than enough, it doesn’t bring anyone to the crazy sense that we’re invading, and three months is pushing our luck. Christopher is not here paying bribes to the black market and they know that I won’t, that’s why I have doubled the security and have the police with us following our tails. So, no. Here is not safe.- he finished me.

-          Thank you. -  That’s what I needed to hear.

The phone rings and I felt my heart beating faster. Mason picks up the phone, I see how his eyes turn iced cold and his faces and posture changes. He drops the phone and runs outside, the voice keeps talking and I approached and listen.

-  Mr. Windstock…. can you hear me? Hello?-the female voice said.

- This is Edward Woods, Mr. Windstock had to leave...Is there anything I can help you with?- And there it was, that feeling in my spine that sent a message to my brain with one word.

-We need to speak with Mrs. Willes. Is regarding her son. - She said.

On word that was humming in my head, the only word that could shake our peace and quiet: NOAH.

-Is Noah ok? I’m his Biological father.-I was shaking.

And while she was telling me that there was an event at the school entrance and that someone had tried to take NOAH, Edith is entering the room. Desperate, crying and the sketch of her perfect smile blurred away thanks to Christopher Carpenter. At this moment, I just can’t believe this is happening. She takes the phone from me, I walk towards Mason.

-Get the plane ready in 15 mins, handle the project with the Managing team. Ensure that they are secured while we’re absent. If you need to bribe the black marker\ do it but we make sure everything is going smooth. You and Ruth will come with us, I need your friends from the FBI to brief us when we land. If that sack of worms harmed my child, I don’t know what I would be capable of doing. I need  you by our side, can you do that please?-I was begging and the tears clouded my eyes so I couldn’t see his face.

-Yes Edward, all of that is being taking care of as we speak. You need to get Edith off the phone to get her ready to leave, I already spoke to Ruth. Let’s go.

I went to Edith. She’s screaming to the lady on the phone, I need to calm her down but how can you do that? How can you calm her down when our son is in the middle of his nightmare? What did Christopher did to him? Is he safe? What would we find when we get there?

-Edith, put the phone down. We’ll go now to see Noah. - I said firmly. 

She gives Mason the phone and runs out of the room. If there was any serenity on this day is all over now. Her face changed, I feel like I lost her again. Is this really happening? I’m shaking my head, I just can’t believe it.

Edward Woods.

The Black Prince Series

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Difficult and painful.

When things get out of hand, we try to go back to the time and place we made that decision and wish with every breathe to take it all back. I had struggle and work very hard to step up the surface and actually breathe a richer air. I was lucky enough to find a soul-hurt woman that needed a companion to raise her fatherless child and was rich enough to allure me. She is a beautiful woman but like the rest easy to prey on. Now, life gave a twist and all my benefits where removed while some rich English uptight scum has all the things I work for and more. The least I can do is make it difficult for them. The least I could do is make it painful.

I arrived early to the school, Ruben wasn´t at the entrance to get Noah so I went to the principal´s office with a fake authorization from Edith, this wasn´t the first time I forgery her signature so it was a piece of cake. Noah was happy to see me.

-Daddy!!!- He hugged me.

-Hey champ how your day was! - I responded.

-Great! I can´t wait to go to Africa again.- He started walking to the gate and looking to both places.

-How about we go for some ice cream?- I asked  him.

-Ice cream? Dad, you know mom doesn´t like it when we don´t tell her where we are. I need to wait for Ruben.-He stopped.

-You sack of worms, you will do as I you´re told. - I grabbed his arm and push him towards my car.

He screamed and in less than five seconds we were surrounded. That´s the problem with highly paid private secure schools.

-Mr. Carpenter, step away from the boy.

I grabbed him as closed as I could and then felt the cold electric metal stabbing in the back.

The final days of Christopher Carpenter.

The Black Prince Series

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The karyenda

January arrived faster than expected. 

We were beyond blessed with the Gala fundraiser. We manage to obtain double of the supplies and equipment needed and enough money to build the school with a constant teaching program and an internship from NYU to bring quality education. My heart jumps and dances with such joy I just can´t stop smiling. I just can´t imagine that none of this would happen, I feel very lucky to be part of this. Our team was bigger than ever and we had to place a camp site next to the hotel in order to have enough space for all the meeting and the supplies. My mom stayed with Noah until he could get a few days off from school and join us. Mason and Edward came with me because they were still worried about Christopher and his whereabouts.

I once read that  the first minutes of your day from when you open your eyes until you decide to stand up from bed are the most crucial in order to make your entire day a happy one or stressful. This morning I opened my eyes and only one word is stuck in my mind: Grateful. I knew exactly what I needed to do, my agenda was already set in my IPAD and my day was programmed but the feeling that was running through my eyes was simply a humble “Thank you Lord”.

And top this morning, I see him sleeping quietly next to me like it was the first time and we´ve been together since ages. Life isn´t this perfect but today I was granted with perfection, serenity, love and peaceful ways. Today, I´ve conquered my happiness and even if this is the only moment I can get, this is more than enough for a lifetime. Today, the world is a better place and heaven kissed earth in the cheeks. Yeah, too cheese but I just can´t describe it any other way.

-Someone woke up happier than usual today. - He said while rolling my hair between his hands.

-Yes. Just being thankful. - I manage to say, turning to face him and sealing his lips with a kiss.

-Breakfast in bed? - He asked me.

-Why do I have the feeling that you´re not talking about food? - I was giggling.

Just like that, perfection was invading our room and while the sun completed his appearance I was making love to the man I was intended for.

Our first week in Burundi was amazing, I got to see Edward acting like a child enjoying nature, climbing coconut trees, riding elephants and jumping from rocks into a deep river. 

The clinic was up and running, the school was pretty advanced and also the water supply was almost done. 

At night we usually had the locals visit us , bringing a feast along with karyenda. The first day I didn´t understand all the noise and why it was done, when I researched it, I found out that this was actually their way to connect earth with a Higher and divine power: “The karyenda is a traditional African drum. It was the main symbol of Burundi and its mwami (kings) and had semidivine status. The mwami was said to interpret the beatings of the karyenda into rules for the kingdom”. We were bringing rules to the kingdom but not the types of rules that govern or prohibit. We were bringing to their land what they deserved from the world to reinstate their heritage. To make them part of the circle of life. Every night, I would hear those drums and I was reminded of the power granted to humanity. Every strike would make me understand it. We were gifted with the power of change and impact in others life. That was the reason for their joy and this was simply good enough for me.

Our daily routines were much hectic than out nights, we had to wake up very early to open the clinic and provide breakfast for the school workers and the others volunteers who were helping  in the Water pump project  to provide for the community. This task was my number one priority. Every Thursday, we had the general surgeons performed their magic helping the most cases we could. The patients and their families would bare gifts for the doctors, thanking us for the healings. This is the time of the year where my heart is at its biggest with such environment of people helping each other. 

Remember when I was talking about experiencing perfection in life, this was it for me.

All the things were going according our plans…

Edith Willes.


Monday, May 25, 2015


Everyone always asks me why he´s called the Black Prince. England is a wonderful place to keep some ancient stories alive for centuries and even after all the time passes we always end up living the same stories over and over again. Don´t get me wrong, there´s no place like our sweet United Kingdom in the entire world and let´s face it we have the best fairytales in the planet but no one talks about the suffering behind them nor at what cost everyone keeps their beautiful smile rather than to cry for the losses. The Woods have been part of this circle for a long time. My family have served them since the days when slavery was a big dark age in our society, so is safe to say that I have seen it all but I´ll be honest, I’ve  never imagine that Senior could overcome all of his ancestors and would try to harm his own blood.

Edward is trying hard to break paradigms, after that meeting with the shrink to tell Noah that he´s his father I began to truly admire his courage of going against what we were taught: Be cold, don´t express your feelings, don´t be emotional, suppress any overwhelming happiness, let the help handle the children, never accept nothing less than perfection. Here was Edward Woods aiming for simplicity and a normal life as if he was a  regular mortal, as if he was part of earth when he was taught otherwise. I must say is Me, who is learning from his audacity and his free spirit ways. I´m learning that being old doesn´t prevent me from changing, from starting over, from having dreams, from smiling for no reason, from feeling my life is renewed by love. Ruth has been a true gift from Someone I thought was dead or just simply decided to ignore me but it turns out He was saving it for the best moment of my life and I would defend this with my teeth until there is no strength in me to fight no more.

Christopher Carpenter has been searching ways on how to harm my new family and I must say that he has devious connections to obtain what he wants. We´ve were monitoring him every day since that night conversation at the Gala. My contacts provided me with historic gambling activities and all his misspends with the foundation money utilizing Noah´s trust fund to cover his tracks. Yet his trying to harm his ex wife and stepson, just because he got cut off. I won´t allow it, not in my watch. I made a phone call to the IRS and the New York times, they would be interested in knowing about his criminal activity and all the damage he tried to do to such noble cause and his own family. Just like that, with a little spark and entire enchanted forest goes melting down until is all over, but Senior had to get involve to complicate my life.

-          Hi, Mason.

-          Allan, what do you think you´re doing? –I demanded.

-          I´m just calling to say hi and to talk to my son, there´s some things we need to review before he goes crazy and do something that will prejudice him.

-          You are unbelievable, I just can´t understand you. Do you think that we don´t know what you’re doing with Edith’s ex-husband?? Senior, walk out of this now before you regret it. You still have a chance to make this right and be part of their lives. You just need to lower your guard and Edward will lower his. Why can´t you yield for once? Things changed, your son and his family renewed the entire concept of what the Woods were or could be. Your grandson, your ONLY grandson is an amazing boy that you would want to meet and have a relationship with. Can´t you see all of that, Allan? Please stop now and don´t force me to follow you to hell.

He stayed quiet. I could only hear him breathing and I knew what that meant. The phone was disconnected.

Mason Windstock


Friday, May 22, 2015


Telling Noah about my existence was the most challenging and painfull thing I have ever experienced, it was one week after the incident with Christopher at their house. Before setting a day and time we decided to go together and seek professional help to deal with this situation. With my background and history of family issues I needed to find a way to make things stop with me and try to have a relationship with my son.

We went to a local children specialist that was highly referred by someone in the foundation. This doctor was a NYU scholar and according to what I read on his portfolio, he met all the criteria. We made a session and explained our history together, and then we had individual sessions with him that were very revealing to me. Finally we agreed that he would join us for an in home session where he would participate and walk us through telling Noah in the healthiest environment.

-Hi Noah, my name is Doctor William Burroughs. Your mom invited me today so we can talk about something very important. Can you help me discover the best way to explain to your mother about how would you feel after we talk about something important? - He was very pragmatic and a little too over his head regarding how to talk to a child.

-Sure. - Noah said while painting one of his wooden animal toys.

-Well, then. Do you remember the day your mom told you that your dad Christopher was your second Father?-he asked.

-Yes, that was one day we were at a park. Daddy and mommy looked worried.-he said.

-That usually happens when adults have some big news but they don´t know how that would make you feel. Do you remember how did you feel when they told you? -  The Doctor said assessing Noah´s reaction.

- I felt happy because is not every kid that could have two dads but I also was wandering when would I meet my first father. Noah stopped painting and looked at me. I don´t know why he would.

-I see. Do you understand what having a first father means?- The doctor insisted but without pushing.

-It means that my Dad Christopher is my adoptive father because he raised me but also treated me like his son and that my first father is my biological father the one that conceive me. - The kid was too smart and continued to paint. He was pretty good at both.

-Would you like to meet your first father?- He said.

- Yes, I would but Nana said that he lives in England and that we would need to take a plane to get there. -  Noah said.

-Nana talks about your first father? - Edith asked.

-Yes, mom but only when I ask her to. She told me that you don´t like to talk about him because you were sad to leave England and you don´t want to return.- Noah said and Dr. Burroughs looked at Edith and asked her to continue.

-Yes, I was sad because I didn´t want to leave but I had to make that choice to give you a better life. Please forgive me if I didn´t talked about your father and told you how a wonderful man he is, that you are growing everyday and I can see lots of his good qualities in you.- Edith started to cry.

- That´s ok mom, I know you would tell me when you were ready. I just needed to be patient. - The kid is amazing; I cannot believe he has my blood in his veins.

- Noah, we asked several members of your family to be present when we talk about this. Do you see anyone here that might not be family? - The doctor asked.

-Only Edward but mom has taught me that all friends are like family so I guess everyone in this room is family.-Noah left me speechless.

-Good but do you feel like he is family? - He insisted.

- Umm…. Yes, otherwise my mom wouldn´t let him be in our house too often. - he smiled.

- Ok. Edward, is there anything you want to tell Noah? - The doctor throw me to the wolves.

- Noah, I am your biological father. - When I said those words I felt  a very unusual warmth in my heart. Noah   jumped and hugged me. I have never cried in my entire life like I did that day. I hugged him so tight.

The shrink was a genius; he allowed us a moment alone for us to talk and asked Edith and Mrs. Willes to wait outside.

-          Do you understand that I never meant to leave you and your mother and that I really love you very much? - I asked him.

                He said yes with his head.

After we were done, the doctor asked me to leave Noah with his mother.

I felt that my life was finally meaningful and I had two things I needed to fight for.

Edward Woods,


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Two faced

I arrived a little late to the Gala on purpose because I didn´t want her to see me. I saw her walking to the stage and heard some of the men around me talking.

-          Edith Willes is single again! Who would be the lucky one?

I´ll be the lucky one gentleman!

I heard the Master of ceremony introduce each bachelorette until the object of my attention was the one to be auctioned next. I have to win her back and I will play the game for as long as I can but apparently I wasn´t the only one. I dwelled with another man for as long as my pocket could handle and then he crashed my dreams.

-          I will give one million dollars to the foundation to dance with that beautiful woman. –

And just like that I had lost her again.

When I finally saw who I was competing with I knew I didn´t stand a chance, once again Edward Woods is in my way.

-          Christopher, it would be wise if you would let this go once and for all. - My thoughts were interrupted by Mason.

-          Would I be worth of her if I would? - I replied looking at him because there was no way he would make a public scene.

-          You were at a certain point but then you showed your true colors. Do you think that just because she never found out that you had several affairs you have the right to call yourself the victim here?- I  was shocked on his questioning but  he continued.- Yes, I know all about it, as  a matter of fact, I know that you´re involved with your secretary right now. I know about your singular tastes and all your depravation plus all your debts and gambling, you don´t have the foundation to back  you up and give you the lifestyle you´re accustom to and that´s what´s killing you not that you love Edith but what she gave you. This is all about money, that´s what drives you, so don´t stand here as the soul broken husband betrayed by your wife. If you even try to discredit her I will turn this around and you´ll be the one with the big problem. It´s my job to protect her and Noah and something about you made me dig a little deeper. You´re quiet a piece of human being. So, I suggest you stop whatever you´re trying to initiate against them, you won´t win and I will make sure you lose everything. Take this a warning, next time I won´t be so condescending. Ruben, will see you out.- he said while extending his hand and directing me to Ruben, then I saw them dancing together like if the world was a happy place and rage took my eyes.

Mason did his homework, now it was time to do mine. I don´t give a fuck if I lose everything as long as I see them fall and suffer the way I am.    

Christopher Carpenter.