Thursday, April 07, 2016

Breaking boundaries, boundaries breaking.

The plane landed on a secured location and they both started running to the car and Ruth followed. By far the most painful scene I have witnessed in my life. I was riding in the second car, I wanted to allow them space and privacy. While in the car, I was being briefed of the incident.

-          -He was stopped at the entrance trying to take Noah to his car. One of the security guards used a Taser gun and knock him down but he harmed the boy. His 9mm blow off and hit Noah’s arm. -  Special agent Connors was sharp and to the point.

-          -What’s the status of the boy? - I asked in a low tone.

-          -Noah Carpenter, age 10. Hartford hospital, ICU unit. Blood transfusion needed due to injury. Surgery is schedule today at 4:00pm after parents’ consent.- He said.

No filter could prepare me for this.

-          -The abductor? - I was infuriated.

-         - Christopher Carpenter, Age 37. Hartford Police Department, 253 High St. Under Custody of the FBI, awaiting family member to press charges. Renbrook School already filed charges for trespassing and intent of abduction. Last charge will only be completed with Parents testimonies.

-         - I will get Edward to go to the police dept.- I cut him off

-          -Edward Woods, Age 36. Unrecognized Biological father, inadmissible at a court of law. Doesn’t qualify for that task.

-         - Agent Connors, Edith Willes is not in a calm state of mind to face the abductor.- I was talking in a very high tone.

-          -I understand sir, but if you need this bastard locked down and have your family secured. Plus, he’s all lawyer up. Someone is protecting this bastard. Calm down and lets follow protocol. - He set the record straight.

-        -  Fucking Senior!! Who are the lawyers? - I was beyond irate.

-         - The best firm in Hartford. - He said.

-          -Ms. Lawrence, get me Daniel Kennedy on the phone. Now! - I was already in my phone talking to Andrea when Connors dropped the bomb.

Our Car ride stopped at the hospital, I hurried to the car and before Edith got out I asked Edward to step back in so I can brief them.

-          -You have two situations to deal with.- I started talking. Edith expression was solid as marble, Edward was quiet.

-          -What is it? - He asked.

-          -Your son resulted injured during the incident and lost a lot of blood but is stable. You need to go in and sign consent for surgery for them to proceed. I suggest you leave Ruth with Noah and one of my security guards for us to deal with a bigger issue.

-          -What did Christopher do now? - Edith asked.

-         - You need to press charges, the school charged him on Trespassing and Intent of abduction. He’s Lawyers are trying to get him out, you need to join the school and add intent of murder. Edward can’t do anything because legally he’s not the father nor is he is recognized by the state as the biological father and…- I took a big breath.

-          -What? - Edward snapped.

-          -Senior is helping him.- I said in a very low tone.

The shock on their faces was heart breaking. His own father was helping a monster like Christopher to get away with all this.

-        -  Senior what?!- Edward’s face was full with anger

-          -Who’s the Lawyer? - Edith asked.

-          -A big firm here in Connecticut. – I responded.

-         - I’m pressing charges, get Kennedy on board. - Edith said.

-          -I already did Madam, he’ll meet us at the precinct. - I replied.

-         - I will go to be with Noah, please be safe darling.- Ruth said to Edith and hold my hand for a brief moment.

S- She went inside and signed the consent papers and as a dead robot , she walked back to the car.

-          -Jason, take us to Hartford police department.- she said.

When we arrive, Daniel Kennedy is waiting in the entrance, I sent Agent Connors to debrief him and we headed toward the front desk. A police officer receives Edith and I stayed behind to get with the lawyer and see now much damage Senior did.

-         - Daniel, How bad is it? - I went for the kill.

-          -He has a lot of influential people helping him, they want to dismiss all charges. Claiming Insanity and psychological damage due to separation. – He said.

-          -That prick, what about my son. He’s in the hospital thanks to him.- Edward was blowing off.

-          -He said that he never meant for it to happen. He’s blaming the school security guard because of the Taser. The guy is full of it.-Kenned finished.

-          -What?! Are you kidding me? And they are releasing him?-Edward couldn't keep the composure.
    -They were, we arrived just in time. Let me handle this Mr. Woods. –He seemed confident.

Mason Windstock

The Black Prince Series

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